Keith Jarret – Inspiration to learn the piano

Keith Jarrett Köln concert 1975 Part I por Zela01

This is one of my favorite piano players… he makes the piano seem so simple at times and at others is sounds as if he must have 3 hands to be able play all that he plays. When I first heard Keith Jarrett I wasn’t sure if I was listening to Classical music or Jazz.This recording is of him improvising in front of a live audience in Koln, Germany. It is just him and there is no overdubbing on the recording and no he doesn’t have 3 hands.

Beginners Piano The Way It Should Be Played

Whilst trying to find some sheet music for my upcoming beginners piano course I happened upon this incredible beginners piano video.

This is a recording of the late Wilhelm Kempff playing the famous piece popular amongst many beginners, The 1st Movement from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

This man is totally in love with his instrument. Just observe how he caresses the keys effortlessly. This is quite a spectacular recording that brought tears to my eyes when I heard it.

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How to play piano chords

It can be really useful to know how to play all of the chords on piano. You will find it opens up all sorts of musical possibilities. If you know how to read them off sheet music or chord charts then the you are really on the way to becoming an accomplished player. The  short video I made for the Piano Learners site will show you how to form all of the main chords.


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Piano Stairway

I saw this post on another piano blog and thought you might enjoy it. This is the ultimate in beginners piano…  learn the piano whilst climbing the stairs.

  • Volkswagen Fun Theory: Piano Staircase – Volkswagen built this piano stairway in Stockholm, Sweden as part of their fun theory project, which aims to change people’s behavior for the better through fun. That is a great strategy. Related: Water Pump Merry-go-Round – …
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Key Signatures Chart To Learn Piano

Here is our beginners piano chart of the key signatures and what sharps / flats they have.

C major / a minor – No Sharps or Flats

G major / e minor – F sharp
D major / b minor – F sharp, C sharp
A major / f sharp minor – F sharp, C sharp, G sharp
E major / c sharp minor – F sharp, C sharp, G sharp, D sharp
B major / g sharp minor – F sharp, C sharp, G sharp, D sharp, A sharp
F sharp major / d sharp minor – F sharp, C sharp, G sharp, D sharp, A sharp, E sharp
C sharp major / a sharp minor – F sharp, C sharp, G sharp, D sharp, A sharp, E sharp, B sharp

F major / d minor – B flat
B flat Major / g minor – B flat, E flat
E flat Major / c minor – B flat, E flat, A flat
A flat Major / f minor – B flat, E flat, A flat, D flat
D flat Major / b flat minor – B flat, E flat, A flat, D flat, G flat
G flat Major / e flat minor – B flat, E flat, A flat, D flat, G flat, C flat
C flat Major / a flat minor – B flat, E flat, A flat, D flat, G flat, C flat, F flat

Rocket Piano Review – What’s in the box

Rocket Piano Review

Here is a sneak peak as to what’s inside the box when you buy your copy of Rocket Piano.

Hope this will help you with your buying decisions….

Rocket Piano - Learn piano or keyboards at home

Rocket Piano – Learn piano or keyboards at home

Purchase Your Copy of Rocket Piano Here

Don’t forget to check out the Piano For All – What’s in the box Video too.

Learn to play piano

Beginner Piano Products Available elsewhere.

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Learn Piano By Ear

I have just come across this fantastic resource which will help you to learn piano by ear.

Its a free online ear training software.

The utility takes you from absolute beginner piano level through to a really high level and trains you to recognize the intervals between notes. The theory is that once you have learned to recognize all of the intervals then you will be able to play any song by ear with out needing to see the music. There are full instructions on the site but for me I spent hours just playing around with the utility. It made me remember my time at the conservatory.


Have fun with this and see if you can learn piano by ear yourself.

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