Beginner Piano lessons for kids

I’m trying to teach my 6 year old son how to play the piano and over the next few weeks I will be investigating some of the online resources available for teaching children how to play the piano. I have already come across a few but have yet to find a method which I am happy with. Who knows I might even end up inventing my own.

The most important thing for me is that my son has fun with this. The very last thing I want is for him to get bored and think of piano practice as a chore.

I offer to let him play my piano and only let him play if he wants to. So far, he is full of enthusiasm and thinks its a great idea when I offer. I let him play more or less what he wants to. He is experimenting with soft and loud at the moment and though at times un-tuneful he comes up with some pretty dramatic and dynamic musical expression.

As we go I am teaching him how a few melodies, I show him how I play scales and arpeggios (which intrigue him), and how to recognize the notes.

I’ll be posting here on his progress and on any online beginner piano resourses for children I happen to come across