Piano Stairway

I saw this post on another piano blog and thought you might enjoy it. This is the ultimate in beginners piano…  learn the piano whilst climbing the stairs.

  • Volkswagen Fun Theory: Piano Staircase – Volkswagen built this piano stairway in Stockholm, Sweden as part of their fun theory project, which aims to change people’s behavior for the better through fun. That is a great strategy. Related: Water Pump Merry-go-Round – Fold.it …
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Rocket Piano Review – What’s in the box

Rocket Piano Review

Here is a sneak peak as to what’s inside the box when you buy your copy of Rocket Piano.

Hope this will help you with your buying decisions….

Rocket Piano - Learn piano or keyboards at home

Rocket Piano – Learn piano or keyboards at home

Purchase Your Copy of Rocket Piano Here

Don’t forget to check out the Piano For All – What’s in the box Video too.

Learn to play piano

Beginner Piano Products Available elsewhere.

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Designer Piano by Audi and Bösendorfer

audipianoThis is not the typical piano for beginners but certainly worth taking a look at.

The piano manufacturers Bösendorfer teamed up with Audi to create this futuristic looking piano.

Apparently, despite its lightweight look it still feels and sounds like a genuine Bösendorfer high quality professional grand piano.

See more photos and read the review at the Bösendorfer site




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Air Piano | Rowan Atkinson’s Piano Mime

This is an amazing performance or Beethoven‘s Pathetique performed on an invisible piano by comedy genius Rowan Atkinson (AKA Mr. Bean). The performance starts with the 1st movement from the Pathetique and then is is seamlessly goes into the end of the 3rd movement of the  Moonlight Sonata.

Roll-up piano keyboard

What will they think of next?

When I was learning we used to get given one of these only it was made of cardboard and it didn’t sound!!!

USB Roll-up Piano – The Red Ferret Journal


USB Roll-up Piano. Wait, wait, don’t leave. It’s USB. Yes, you need to carry your computer around with you as well. Isn’t that fab? A super portable fold up piano that needs a hulking great computer in order to work. Marketing genius I tell you! 49 keys, 128 instruments, 100 pre-recorded rhythms. Boogie. $46.00.

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Learn All About Steinway Pianos

There is so much that goes into the building of a piano and Steinway’s hand crafted pianos are no exception. The infamous Steinway is renouned as the best piano there is without a doubt. Check out the video below which shows you a little of how they are maufactured and the care that goes into building one of these masterpieces.

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Piano For All – What’s in the box?

Piano For All
Click here For more information on the Course.

For those who want to learn to play the piano here is a detailed look inside one of the most popular beginners piano home study piano courses available. Piano For All.

The video shows in detail the exercises and what is inside the 10 books including,

  • Party time
  • Blues and rock
  • Chord magic
  • Advanced chords
  • Ballad style
  • Jazz made easy

Piano For All
Click here For more information on how to download the Piano For All Course.