Rocket Piano Review – What’s in the box

Rocket Piano Review

Here is a sneak peak as to what’s inside the box when you buy your copy of Rocket Piano.

Hope this will help you with your buying decisions….

Rocket Piano - Learn piano or keyboards at home

Rocket Piano – Learn piano or keyboards at home

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Don’t forget to check out the Piano For All – What’s in the box Video too.

Learn Piano By Ear

I have just come across this fantastic resource which will help you to learn piano by ear.

Its a free online ear training software.

The utility takes you from absolute beginner piano level through to a really high level and trains you to recognize the intervals between notes. The theory is that once you have learned to recognize all of the intervals then you will be able to play any song by ear with out needing to see the music. There are full instructions on the site but for me I spent hours just playing around with the utility. It made me remember my time at the conservatory.


Have fun with this and see if you can learn piano by ear yourself.

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How to play …. on the piano

Here is a YouTube Playlist I just made.

It’s a collection of ‘how to’ videos showing you how to play specific songs.
It has everything from ‘The piano man’ thu ‘Let it be’ to the theme from Tetris.
They are all for different levels of proficiency so there is sure to be one that suits you and some are better than others.


Piano For All – What’s in the box?

Piano For All
Click here For more information on the Course.

For those who want to learn to play the piano here is a detailed look inside one of the most popular beginners piano home study piano courses available. Piano For All.

The video shows in detail the exercises and what is inside the 10 books including,

  • Party time
  • Blues and rock
  • Chord magic
  • Advanced chords
  • Ballad style
  • Jazz made easy

Piano For All
Click here For more information on how to download the Piano For All Course. offers games and activities for kids

Heres a great beginner piano site for children. In fact its a general music site for kids with free learning activities and games. There is an amusing musical sketch pad which will convert your sketches into avant guard sounding music and then there are rhythm and melody games. This is great basic training for kids and being in the form of games makes it all the more acceptable to them.

Take a look at the creating music site here.


Beginner piano chords on the way

Many of you have contacted me asking for some beginner piano chord charts. It seems that a lot of people want to play from music by reading the chord symbols. I will be producing a list of all the chords and publishing it here within a few weeks. Once you have learned the basic chords, you need to put some sort of rhythm to them, learn some inversions and you are well on your way to playing most popular songs.


Beginner Piano Christmas Song

I just came across this brilliant piano lesson on video, not so much of a beginner piano lesson but still really interesting.

The christmas song in the video is the end result of what is taught in the piano tutorial which can be found here:




Doesn’t that sound just great? And in the tutorial video he shows you exactly how he came up with the arrangement, the chords he is playing and the inversions he uses.