Piano Chords Software

I often get asked about piano chords software and where to get it.

There are not actually that many programs around to help with thisl.

The owners of the Rocket Piano home study course however get free access to the special Piano learning software which apart from being great fun really strengthens the beginners playing and helps to interiorize some of the playing patterns.

Downloadable Piano Songs

You have to be careful when searching for downloadable piano songs. There are a lot of people who search for pop songs or famous modern songs as sheet music so they can learn them at home and play them on the piano.

There are many web sites that claim to offer these for free but once you arrive you find that there is only an excerpt or that it simply isn’t free and you need to pay.

This is quite normal as all of today’s music is copyrighted and the any distribution of this music requires payment to the artist and their agents/record companies.

You can however legitimately download some of the classical masterpieces for free. These are in the public domain and not all the publisher will charge.

If you need to know where to get some free classical pieces then get in touc with me and I will point you in the right direction.

Top Beginners Piano News for April 4, 2009

Top Beginners Piano News for March 28, 2009

How to play …. on the piano

Here is a YouTube Playlist I just made.

It’s a collection of ‘how to’ videos showing you how to play specific songs.
It has everything from ‘The piano man’ thu ‘Let it be’ to the theme from Tetris.
They are all for different levels of proficiency so there is sure to be one that suits you and some are better than others.


Beginners Piano Courses

Of all the home study beginners piano courses, here are some detailed  reviews of  two of them…  rocket piano and piano for all.


Rocket Piano

This course comes as a large collection of piano tuition books (eBooks), audio files, videos and learning games all of which can be downloaded to your computer.

If you are just starting out then this is the best method around to have you playing the piano to a proficient level in no time at all. It takes you right from the basics of how to to hold your hands and use your fingers through to reading music, improvising and professional jamming techniques.

The guides and videos will walk you through how to read music, and how to improvise, how to play Jazz and how to play Gospel all with the touch of a professional musician. The course is not only for absolute beginners as there are many advanced techniques to work up to. These include whole sections on Jazz and Gospel, improvisation made easy, advanced fingering exercises and groundbreaking learning techniques.

You will be trained to read music AND play by ear, so you will be able to play virtually any song that you hear This is real cutting-edge material and all for the incredible price of no more than one or two conventional piano lessons.

This is our top recommended beginners piano course – for more information visit the Rocket Piano manufacturer’s site for the best deal.


This is a really complete guide containing no less than 10 eBooks with accompanying audio and video files. The course is set up a little different from most as it teaches you how to play by ear from the very beginning. You start off playing real songs with the chords you are taught and with professional sounding rhythms. Once you have the chords and rhythms internalized then you will progress on to the more advanced material which includes how to read music. The titles of the 10 eBooks say a lot about the course. They are;

  • Party Time / Rhythm Piano Teaching you rhythm style piano straight away
  • Shake.. Rattle ‘n’ Roll.. Showing how to play Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll Piano
  • Chord Magic Contains more piano chords and memory tricks and works on chord progressions
  • Advanced Chords Made Easy For you to learn advanced piano chords including songs and a rhythm chart for 80 Beatles songs
  • Ballad Style Teaching you piano ballad style
  • Jazz Piano Made Easy Contains some easy techniques you can apply to any tune – Standards, Traditional Jazz piano, Modern Jazz, improvisation and more
  • Advanced Blues Piano & Fake Stride Expands on the blues piano techniques learned earlier.
  • Taming the Classics Here you will learn to read piano sheet music
  • Speed Learning Speeding up your learning process with scales and exercises
  • Bumper Resource Book This covers everything else you need to succeed at the piano.

For more information visit the Piano For All site


Piano For All – What’s in the box?

Piano For All
Click here For more information on the Course.

For those who want to learn to play the piano here is a detailed look inside one of the most popular beginners piano home study piano courses available. Piano For All.

The video shows in detail the exercises and what is inside the 10 books including,

  • Party time
  • Blues and rock
  • Chord magic
  • Advanced chords
  • Ballad style
  • Jazz made easy

Piano For All
Click here For more information on how to download the Piano For All Course.

Beginner Piano Video Player

I Just loaded a couple of my beginner piano vdeos into the Panjea Video Player…  Seems good.

If you have a related site you can embed this player with my videos onto your page or blog or even squidoo lens, hubpage or MySpace page.

Contact me if you have any problems with this.



More free sheet music from music notes

Have you seen the beginners piano free sheet music this month at the music notes website?

Download Free Sheet Music for a Nutcracker Medley

Christmas Ballerinas

December’s free sheet music download of the month is a medley of music from the Nutcracker Ballet.

Remember, you have to download and install the free software to be able to take advantage of the music notes sheet music. Well worth it though even if you don’t planb on buying as every month they offer some free sheet music for download.

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