Piano For Beginners

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First off, if you are a complete beginner then please download our free chord sheet and piano for beginners guide. (It should be somewhere in the right hand margin).

Getting to know the basics should reveal what its all about and will give you an idea as to the work involved.

Once you have understood how to find all the notes, how to make basic chord shapes and how to play some simple rhythms (all explained in our guide that comes with the chord sheets) then you will be ready to explode your learning curve and start playing a wide selection of music. You will at last understand the whole process and although you will need to practice a lot to master any particular piece or song you will be capable with time an more importantly you will realize that it is possible to achieve. See our review of online courses for piano for beginners.

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Beginners Piano

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Beginners piano might seem difficult at first but you can break it down into simple logical steps so that it diesn’t have to be that daunting.

Here is Beginners Piano De-mystified:

  • First off you can learn the notes. Find out that there are only really 12 notes and then the pattern starts repeating.
  • Then you can learn a few basic chords. Discover that with just a couple of simple patterns you can apply to each note you will be able to play all of the major and minor chords in any key.
  • Pick up a few simple rhythms either by ear or by following some example lessons

That is… beginners piano couldn’t be simpler. Just download the beginners piano chord sheet and guide which you should find somewhere over there in the right hand margin. This will give you more detailed instructions. Good Luck

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Piano Chords Software

I often get asked about piano chords software and where to get it.

There are not actually that many programs around to help with thisl.

The owners of the Rocket Piano home study course however get free access to the special Piano learning software which apart from being great fun really strengthens the beginners playing and helps to interiorize some of the playing patterns.

Accompaniment Chords

Project 365 #123: 030509 Lifting the LidIf you have downloaded our beginners piano chord sheet then you will probably realise that once you have them under your belt you will be able to use most of them as simple accompaniment chords.

Most popular songs have pretty simple repeating chord sequences made up usually of just 3 or 4 of these chords.

If you have a good earn then you could be using them as accompaniment chords to a whole host of songs.
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piano chords guide

The piano chords guide that we offer for free download over on the right hand side of the page is only a very basic and abridged document.

Our piano chord guide contains the 24 basic major and mimor chords. that is the major and minor verions of the chords for each of the twelve notes of the octave.

There are in reality hundreds of chords that you can play on the piano. Besides the major and minor chords there are also diminished, augmented, 7ths minor 7ths and major 7ths, suspended, 11ths, 13ths… and the list goes on.

Apart from having one chord for each of the 12 notes in the octave, each chord can be played in a variety of inversions with at least 3 different ways of playing each chord. If you add up all of the combinations you have literally hundreds of different possible piano chords to learn.

Beginner piano chords on the way

Many of you have contacted me asking for some beginner piano chord charts. It seems that a lot of people want to play from music by reading the chord symbols. I will be producing a list of all the chords and publishing it here within a few weeks. Once you have learned the basic chords, you need to put some sort of rhythm to them, learn some inversions and you are well on your way to playing most popular songs.