Cool Piano Chords

What are cool piano chords?

This is obviously objective but, in general you have the major chords which sound  happy, the sadder sounding minor chords. Then you have the ambiguous 7th chords.

Now come the ‘cool’ chords. if you start adding the 9th, the 11th and the 13th to a chord then you start getting more jazz like sounds. The 13th chords even start to sound a little impresionistic and were used by Satie and Debussy.

Beginner Piano Christmas Song

I just came across this brilliant piano lesson on video, not so much of a beginner piano lesson but still really interesting.

The christmas song in the video is the end result of what is taught in the piano tutorial which can be found here:




Doesn’t that sound just great? And in the tutorial video he shows you exactly how he came up with the arrangement, the chords he is playing and the inversions he uses.