Beginner Piano players and scales.

| was asked by a beginner piano player today about the importance of practicing scales. After a lengthy conversation we agreed that if you can truly master a certain scale and have it interiorized to such an extent that you dont even have to think about it then when it comes to playing any piece in that key you will find it much easier to execute.

As well as this I had to stress the importance of warming up on the piano. Just as athletes have to warm up before they start, so does a piano or keyboard player. If you dont warm up and go straight into playing your pieces then your fingers will most likely start to get knoted and you previous practice will begin to seem as if it has been for nothing. Practicing scales for only 5 or 10 minutes at the start of each practice session will stretch your fingers and wake up your hands enough to go into your practice pieces and exercises with confidence and agility.

The point of this entry is that the person I was talking to asked me about the fingering for the scales. As you will be aware, the correct fingering for scales is very important (especially if you are going to be taking exams). I didn’t have my scale books with me but we found a great site with all of the scales written down and most importantly all of the correct fingering too.

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